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People compare previously available information with information that comes after. The previous information is used as an anchor for the information after it. This is the essence of the anchoring effect. You can use this effect with prices, for example. Show products or services with a higher price first. The prices you show afterward are compared with the first price and therefore seem to be not too bad. This increases the chance of a purchase. The anchoring effect is also widely used by showing the original price first for discounts . See the example above.

Goal gradient effect

The closer your website visitors get to a goal, the higher the motivation to achieve that goal. That is why it is good to show progress if you want to steer people towards a Communication Directors Email Lists certain goal. A progress bar in an order process is a good tool for this. Make sure the bar is already a bit filled when someone sees it for the first time. This way you get the most out of the goal-gradient effect.

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Conversion Optimization Checklist

What is important for conversion optimization differs per website. This is a handy checklist of key points for conversion optimization

  • Make the right first impression.
  • Make all payment options clear.
  • Make sure that the best-known payment options are possible.
  • Display quality marks and certificates clearly.
  • Provide a clear explanation about the shipping costs, shipping times and return conditions.
  • Make it clear to the visitor what makes you distinctive (what your USPs are).
  • Implement a heat mapping tool to gain insight into visitor behavior.
  • Start with A/B testing to find the right approach.
  • Provide convenient and easy filters for a large number of products.
  • Offer clear and comprehensive product photos.
  • Please provide stock status information to avoid disappointment.
  • Use eye-catching calls to action.
  • Simplify forms and keep them short and clear.
  • Give visitors feedback when they have completed a form (submitted successfully!).
  • Give visitors the option to pay with a guest account.
  • Offer a social login to allow visitors to register with their social media accounts.
  • Give reviews and ratings a good place on the website.
  • Provide sufficient contact options.
  • Personalize the website to create a trusting feeling in the visitor.
  • Optimize the website for fast loading times.

A/B testing

The most important happy conversion optimization continues to test. A/B testing means that you do a test in which 50% of the visitors see version A of your website or a landing page and the other 50% version B. This way you can find out which version works best for you. visitors.

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