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Improve this skill focus on improving.  How well your audience understands your message. The essentials of clear communication are therefore; a good understanding of your audience and their nees, the use of the right language and examples, and a clear message. You can further improve this by actively seeking and listening to feeback from your audience and improve your communication skills accordingly. 5. Storytelling Storytelling is the act of sharing a story. Sounds simple, right? We all tell stories. We share our personal stories such as memorable events from our lives.

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Something we’ve seen, heard or experience. We Sri Lanka Phone Number List also share stories about what we aspire to achieve, or around something we fear. Stories help us make sense of the world, and it lets us share information in a way that creates emotional connections. But why did I include storytelling on this list, if we all know how to do it? Well, it’s because we also nee to learn how to use it in the workplace in order to achieve success. Let’s break this down. Stories help us make sense of the world, which means a story could help communicate a clear message even about the most complex subject.

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So if you want your non-SEO audience to understand Phone Number MX the difference between crawling and indexation, you can tell an analogy about how search engines are like librarians and the database behind a search engine is like a library. Analogies are a great form of storytelling to help explain unfamiliar things with something familiar. Stories also help build emotional connections, so using them in business can help you create trust with stakeholders and leadership, which is essential to get buy-in and achieve success. Slide from Petra’s MozCon presentation, white text on a blue background: “We are persuade by reason, but we are move by emotion” It takes practice to find what narrative works well for your audience and to develop your

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