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Do I still have the obligation to make it accessible? By definition yes, and this to the extent that the Internet services provide through the site are include in the definition of “public service” in Israel. Website accessibility to WordPress websites Making websites accessible is an action in which all website owners are require to do so according to the law, including WordPress website owners. The accessibility proceure for WordPress sites is implemente through the implementation of plugins and WordPress templates that are adapte to the accessibility nees require by law.

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While at the same time as the require accessibility Austria Phone Number List operations, WordPress site owners can also benefit from proceures for responsive adaptation of the site’s content and structure to all types of browsers and means of browsing available to net surfers today. Is there an obligation to submit an advertisement? The Law on Website Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities exempts advertisement accessibility proceures subject to the publication of alternative information about the service mentione in the advertisement. Website accessibility – costs The cost of accessing a website is determine according to the size of the site and the stage at which the accessibility proceure is carrie out: on existing sites where accessibility software is not embede as require by law.

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The cost of installing them will be higher than the cost Phone Number QA of installing them on new websites whose construction process is carrie out simultaneously with the accessibility operations. Please note: it is absolutely forbidden to build a new website on a platform that does not allow the full accessibility of the website in accordance with the Israeli standard for the accessibility of websites for people with disabilities (standard number 5568) so what now? Once you have made the decision to make the website accessible, you nee to make sure that the developers of the website know how to perform the operation.

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