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There the whole team sees this information, including the account manager and the specialist in working with classifies. Notifications can also be receive by email. Automation An example of composing text in Integromat (Make): An example of composing text in Integromat (Make): An example of composing text in Integromat (Make) Balance filtering example: Balance Filtering Example If necessary, you can “teach” the robot to collect other data in a couple of hours. For example, tariff rates for calls and information about the number of impressions of specific ads. This will allow you to track changes in indicators: the Yandex.Real Estate interface does not involve studying them in retrospect. What result did you get? Previously, an agency employee spent at least 15 minutes a day collecting information from the personal accounts of the service into a table. Now the robot does it in 10 seconds.

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We save time and know for sure that advertising will Iran Phone Number List not  stop because of someone’s inattention. Automation of checking balances on the balance sheet For clients, our solution guarantees that their ads will always be in the top of Yandex.Real Estate search results, and potential buyers will always be able to call from the site to find out about the objects. More useful content about building processes and marketing automation in the Digital Geeks Telegram channel . How to reuce roboticity and increase website advertising revenue in RTBSape SapeSape 09 August 2022, at 10:45 Font:01188 One of the most important indicators that affects the profitability of display advertising is the roboticity of the site. It must be monitore regularly so as not to encounter a decrease in traffic buyback when monetizing your resource. The parameter shows the share of robots in the total number of visits to the site.

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This indicator is especially important for advertisers because when they pay for ad impressions, they are intereste in the creative being seen by live users. Money spent on impressions to robots can be considere waste. There is a pattern – with an increase in roboticity, the percentage of traffic reemption Phone Number QA begins to decrease. And over time, the price that advertisers are willing to pay you for ad impressions will also decrease. A critical indicator of roboticity is considere to be a mark of 10%. If this indicator is higher on your site, then most of the traffic is not reeeme. In addition, there are certain categories of advertisers who make even higher demands on resources and work only with sites whose robotic index does not excee 5%. Therefore, if you want to maximize the purchase of your traffic and increase the cost of impressions, aim for a roboticity indicator of no more than.

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