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Months of historic data, the forecast output will begin in January 2021. On that note, it nes to be monthly data — that’s one of the tradeoffs for simplicity I mention earlier. You can paste up to a decade of historic monthly data into column B, starting at cell B2, but there are a couple of things you ne to be careful of: You ne at least 24 months of data for the model to have a good idea of seasonality. (If there’s only one January in your historic data, and it was a traffic spike, how am I suppos to know if it was a one-off thing, or an annual thing?You ne complete months.

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So if it’s March 2021 when you’re reading India Phone Number List this, the last month of data you should include is February 2021. Make sure you also delete any leftovers of my example data in column B. Outputs Once you’ve done that, you can head over to the “Outputs” tab, where you’ll see something like this: Column C is probably the one you’re interest in. Keep in mind that it’s full of formulas here, but you can copy and paste as values into another sheet, or just go to File Download Comma-separat values to get the raw data.

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You’ll notice I’m only showing 15 months of forecast in Phone Number QA that graph by default, and I’d recommend you do the same. As I mention above, the implicit assumption of a forecast is that historical context carries over, unless you explicitly include chang scenarios like COVID lockdowns into your model (more on that in a moment!). The chance of this assumption holding two or three years into the future is low, so even though I’ve provid forecast values further into the future, you should keep that in mind. The upper and lower bounds shown.

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