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I can shed some light on how to make your content briefs both comprehensive and beloved by your content team. Let’s start by agreeing on some terminology. What’s a content brief? A content brief is a set of instructions to guide a writer on how to draft a piece of content. That piece of content can be a blog post, a landing page, a white paper. Or any number of other initiatives that require content. Without a content brief, you risk getting back content that doesn’t meet your expectations. This will not only frustrate your writer. But it’ll also require more revisions, taking more of your time and money.

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Typically content briefs are written by Tunisia Phone Number List someone in an adjacent field  like demand generation, product marketing, or SEO  when they need something specific. However, content teams usually don’t just work off of briefs. They’ll likely have their own calendar and initiatives they’re driving (content is one of those weird roles that needs to support just about every other department while also creating and executing on their own work). What makes a content brief “SEO-focused”? An SEO-focused content brief is one among many types of content briefs.

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It’s unique in that the goal is to instruct the writer Phone Number QA on creating content to target a specific search query for the purpose of earning traffic from the organic search channel. What to include in your content brief Now that we understand SEO-focused content briefs in theory, let’s get into the nitty gritty. What information should we include in them? 1. Primary query target and intent It isn’t an SEO-focused content brief without a query target! Using a keyword research tool like Moz Keyword Explorer, you can get thousands of keyword ideas that could be relevant to your business. For example, in my current job, I’m focused on.

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