You Won’t Be Able to Play Pokémon Go on Old Android and

The upcoming october 2020 update for. The pokémon go mobile game may mean you won’t be able to access the game. If you’re using an older iphone or android device. Niantic has announced that the game will no longer be supported. On android 5, ios 10 and I.Os 11 devices. In particular, for apple owners, the game will not .Work on iphone 5s and iphone 6, even if you install on in june this year, the developer announced that the game would also stop. Working on 32-bit android devices . The developer has not e.Xplained why it is cutting. Off old mobile platforms and phones, but there may be an.Element in future updates that will prevent the game from .Running on older devices. As noted by 9to5mac, pokémon go is an augmented reality game that is more technically. Demanding than non-ar titles.

As of October 2020 Owners of Iphone 5s and 6 (Ios 12) and Android 5 Phones

Whatever the reason, niantic. Has already officially written that on the above-mentioned .Devices (or platforms) we will not be able to access the game, our items or pokecoins as soon as the latest major update goes. Live in mid-october. The company will also not. Provide technical support if you find a way. To keep the game running without Guatemala Phone Number List upgrading. Your device or mobile operating system. Niantic has also announced three weeks of mega evolution events .For september 2020, starting with the mega pidgeot event from september 1 to september 7. This will be followed by mega houndoom unlock raids from september. 11 to september 17, followed by the mega-evolution timed. Research themed event (september 22 to september.

Will No Longer Be Able to Access “Pokémon Go” on These Devices

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