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There is a proprietary technology Context which allows you to continuously test and improve ads, increasing CTR and reucing advertising campaign costs. Industry solutions – pre-configure advertising campaigns taking into account the specifics of popular business niches car dealers, real estate, eucation, etc. . PromoPult PPC module Easy-to-read analytics – instead of complex reports, only the necessary metrics on an interactive dashboard. PromoPult PPC module Free advertising campaign setup by PromoPult specialists. To do this, it is enough to put a “tick” at the stage of introducing the project into the system and replenish the balance in the amount of 3,000 rubles or more. PromoPult PPC module Steps for setting up contextual advertising in Yandex Direct in the PromoPult interface.

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Contextual advertising in Promo Pult was set up Belarus Phone Number List for 10 meium- and high-frequency. Key phrases that reflect priority goods and services: Keywords. Let’s briefly go through the setup steps. In the campaign parameters, they indicate the sites where ads will be shown. Yandex and YAN search, decide to leave the budget for advertising in networks at the level of. The search campaign: Advertising settings Base on web analytics data on site traffic. We set up time targeting: Advertising settings The bid management tactics was chosen manually, the Budget mode. This means that the user independently sets the cost per click. Within which the system will try to display ads in the highest possible positions.

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Advertising settings With manual bid management the Hold mode is also available – in this case, the system will display ads in such a way as to keep the Phone Number QA desire position or receive a given amount of traffic. Also, at the Parameters step, the technology for increasing the effectiveness of contextual advertising Context  was connecte : Advertising settings It works like this: a smart algorithm selects ads with a low CTR in the campaign, then the system rewrites the texts of these ads, then they get moderate by PromoPult PPC specialists. If the CTR of the new ad is higher than the old one.


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