You Can Already Order the Mudita Pure Phone for Pln 1159

The polish technology company. Mudita, after the success. Of crowdfunding campaigns, has launched. A pre-sale on its website of . In the first place. The minimalist mudita pure premium phone., which aims to improve the. Quality of life in the modern world. It is characterized by an ultra-low. In the first place. Value of electromagnetic radiation .Penetration (sar) and an e ink display. In the first place. It is an ideal solution for. People using technology and taking .Care of their health at the same time. The company, wanting to thank. You for supporting the project, decided to maintain the 20% discount .Until the end of september 2020.

Mudit After Collecting Nearly

In the first place. The success of mulita’s campaign. Shows that people are looking for .Healthier technological solutions: the .Crowdfunding campaign. For mulita pure was launched. On September 24, 2019, on Kickstarter, goal 100,000 usd was reached in the first hour, the campaign for India Phone Number List mudita pure, after the success achieved. In the first place. On kickstarter, was moved and continued. On the indiegogo indemand platform. In the first place. – the sale of the phone on. Indiegogo was completed on september 8, 2020, during the campaign. On kickstarter and indiegogo, as many as. 1,366 people supported the project, contributing to the. Total amount of usd.

Million on Crowdfunding Platforms, Opened the Pre-sale of the

India Phone Number List

In the first place. Over pln The project was supported. By people from 52 countries – most from the usa, poland and. Great britain. The mudita pure. Phone is the winner of the iron a’design award. In the category of digital. And electronic devices design awarded. By the international academy. Of design and the german design award 2021. Mudita pure phone in black. And Phone Number QA white mudita pure 1151 .00 pln 20% discount pln 1449.00 as of september 10, 2020 presale. The phone is available in 2 colors: black. And grey. The company encourages you. To visit the website dedicated .To mudita pure and take advantage of. In the first place. The discount, which lasts only 20 days.

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