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Topics to cover  related questions to answer” section in my briefs. This is where I list out all the subtopics. I’ve found that someone searching that query would probably want to know. To find these, I like to use methods like. Using a keyword research tool to show you queries related to your main keyword that are questions. Looking at the People Also Ask box, if one exists. On the SERP your target query triggers Finding sites that rank in the top spots for your target query. Running them through a keyword research tool, and seeing what other keywords they also rank for And while this isn’t specifically search-related.

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Sometimes I like to use a tool called FAQ Fox to Uganda Phone Number List scour forums for threads that mention my target query You can also create the outline yourself using your research with all the H2s/H3s already written. While this can work well with freelance writers, I’ve found some writers (particularly in-house content marketers) feel this is too prescriptive. Every writer and content team is different, so all I can say is just use your best judgment. 4. Funnel stage This is fairly similar to intent, but I think it’s helpful to include as a separate line item. To fill out this portion of the content brief, ask yourself.

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Is someone searching this term just looking Phone Number QA for information? Inspiration? Looking to evaluate their options? Or looking to buy something. And here’s how you can label your answer: Top-of-funnel (TOFU or “problem aware is an appropriate label if the query intent is informational educational inspirational. Middle-of-funnel (MOFU or “solution aware is an appropriate label if the query intent is to compare, evaluate options, or otherwise indicates that the searcher is already aware of your solution. Bottom-of-funnel (BOFU or “solution ready”) is an appropriate label if the.

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