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Confidence intervals  again, you can recap on what that means in my previous post if you so wish. Advanc use cases. You may by now have notic the Advanc tab: Although I said I want to keep this simple, I felt that given everything that happen in 2020, many people would ne to incorporate major external factors into their model. In the example above. I’ve fill in column B with a variable for whether or not the UK was under COVID lockdown. I’ve us  to represent that we enter lockdown halfway through March.

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You can probably make a better go of this for Indonesia Phone Number List the relevant factors for your business, but there are a few important things to keep in mind with this tab: It’s fine to leave it completely untouch if you don’t want to add these extra variables. Go from left to right it’s fine to leave column C blank if you’re using column B, but it’s not fine to leave B blank if you’re using C. If you’re using a “dummy” variable (e.g. for something being active), you ne to make sure you fill in the 0s in other cells for at least the period of your historic data. You can enter future values for example, if you prict a COVID lockdown in March 2021 (you bastard.

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You can enter something in that cell so it’s incorporat into Phone Number QA the forecast. If you don’t enter future values, the model will prict bas on this number being zero in the future. So if you’ve enter “brand PPC active” as a dummy variable for historic data, and then left it blank for future periods, the model will assume you have brand PPC turn off in the future. Adding too much data here for too few historic periods will result in something call “overfit” don’t want to get into detail on this, which is why this tab is call.

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