Word press Fixes Millions of Broken Sites

WordPress releases a maintenance. Update to wordpress 5.5.1 that addresses. Issues affecting millions of websites. WordPress 5.5.1 maintenance release september 1, 2020 wordpress has released new information. Explaining why wordpress 5.5 ‘s content management. System has negatively impacted millions of websites. Today, wordpress released a maintenance. Release of version 5.5.1 in the form of. A patch giving plugin and theme developers time. To update their software. Information about what. Went wrong in wordpress 5.5 was linked to .A spreadsheet containing the names of hundreds of affected plugins and themes. The spreadsheet. Also provides information on what specific. Issue each specific plugin and theme has, which will help .Developers to fix quickly eliminate .Conflicts with the software.

Popular Themes Affected by the WordPress 5.5 Update

WordPress 5.5.1 maintenance. Release september 1, 2020 the maintenance release of wordpress .5.5.1 aims to contain possible issues that millions o. Sites have experienced. But that doesn’t mean past plugin and theme bugs won’t need. To be fixed. WordPress described the issue as follows: in wordpress 5.5, the global javascript objects listed below Dominican Republic Phone Number List have been removed without.Being deprecated. WordPress 5.5.1 adds a global backfill for them, so they. Shouldn’t cause javascript errors anymore . Plugin and theme developers .Have until march 2021 to fix the code. Failure to fix the code will. Result in another round of site crashes with the. Affected themes and/or plugins. Official information: the plan is to remove the fallback code in the .Two major releases, so it will be removed with wordpress.

Partial List of Plugins Affected by the WordPress Update

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This gives plugin and theme. Developers enough time to remove conflicting code. And switch to using wp.I18n. Millions of websites affected by the wordpress 5.5 issue the spreadsheet. Revealed a previously unknown.Umber of affected websites. Initially, it was speculated. That the impact was relatively minor and limited to. Thousands of websites. But that Phone Number QA didn’t happen. WordPress . Has negatively affected millions. In the first place. Of websites around the world. For this reason, a patch in. The form of a maintenance version of wordpress. In the first place. Was urgently released on september 1, 2020. In the first place. Some plugins have already been fixed while some of the plugins. In the first place. Have already been fixed and. In the first place. Updates have been released, there are still some that are not working on the list.

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