Without user planning, all growth is bullshit Cyprus WhatsApp Number List

In today’s digital age. Therefore More and more companies are growing around “Customers”. Tencent. Xiaomi. And bytedance. Their business growth lines are all built on customers. Not simple new products or new businesses. Overlay. So how to achieve scientific growth based on customers. Let’s take a look at the methods introduced in this article. Therefore As peter drucker said in “Management challenges in the 21st century”. “If the growth layout is the purpose or result of the business. The key variable that drives the growth performance is the customer.” As I often quote from drucker – “The healthiest growth is not just customer growth. But business growth in customer wallet share.” Therefore In today’s digital age. More and more companies are growing around “Customers”.



What is customer-based growth

Tencent. Xiaomi. And bytedance. Their Cyprus WhatsApp Number List business growth lines are all built on customers. Above all Not simple new products or new businesses. Overlay. Without the support of customers. The business design of growth will change from planning to “Nonsense” and cannot be implemented. Therefore This is the dilemma that most companies encounter when implementing strategic planning. Customer structure. Including what is the customer’s transaction motivation (customer demand). What is the reasonable customer composition level (customer portfolio). And what other growth derivatives can be done according to the customer (customer resources). Growth should return to customers. Above all Which is the source of judging whether a business is valuable.


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The first is demand, the needs of customers

Therefore Ram charan believes that customer-base Cyprus WhatsApp Number List growth can be called “Virtuous growth.” 1. What is customer-based growth? However Start with the phenomenal company lululemon. Founded in 1998. In the fourth quarter of 2019. Sales increased by 20% year-on-year to us$1.39 billion. Above all  And net profit increased to us$298 million. Which is already its 11th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth in performance. However Compare to industry giants nike and adidas. Lululemon is a very young brand. How did it create a growth myth that managed to attract a legion of loyal customers? Above all The first is demand. The needs of customers. In the initial stage of the brand. Unlike traditional sports brands like nike or adidas. It aimed at the segment of yoga apparel.

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