With the Same Water Removal System as Apple Watch

The apple watch series 2 was. The first completely waterproof model in which. Apple introduced an important. Feature that protects .The internal components from spills. As you probably know, the apple watch has a water. Ejection system where the. Speaker ejects water to the outside – and now it may come to future iphon.E generations. This solution is suggested. By a new patent registered .By apple. The apple watch’s water ejection system works by using a speaker to vibrate and emit specific sounds. That push water out o.F the cavities, which is useful. When you’re using your apple watch while. Swimming or in the shower.

Apple’s Latest Patent Suggests That the Iphone Could Get

As noted by patently apple , this feature may be available in future iphone models .As apple has registered a new patent .That uses the exact same system. The patent was. Originally filed by apple in 2019, but has Pakistan Phone Number List only now been. Published by the us patent an. Trademark office. The pictures show the water drainage .System built into the iphone, which works. Similarly to the technology known from .Apple watch series 2 and later. It uses a speaker and sensor module. With a hydrophobic coating that. Repels water, which makes the iphone. Even more waterproof and also prevents the speakers from failing. As soon as they come into contact with liquids.

Same Water Removal System as the Apple Watch

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Based on the patent description. This system is capable of removing. Various types of liquids, including. Fresh water, salt water, carbonated water and more. It can even detect the. Presence of salt water crystals on. The acoustic mesh barrier. When a portable electronic. Device (iphone) is Phone Number QA exposed to salt water, such as. When surfing in santa cruz, salt water .Crystals can leave a deposit. On the acoustic .Mesh barrier as the sea water evaporates. Therefore, the function. Can be triggered to sufficiently. Remove the salt water crystals. From the. Acoustic mesh barrier. However, there are no known plans for this feature. To be included in this. Year’s iphone models, which we will see on september.

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