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Effort between SEO and Content. For example, connect with the Content Lead and see if they’d be willing to sit down with you to create the content brief template together. By each of you bringing your unique expertise to the table, it can feel less like dictating and more like collaboration (plus, you’ll probably end up with a better brief template that way). Make it clear that not all content has to be search content SEO Managers live and breathe the organic search channel, but content teams have a more vari diet. They take a multi-channel approach to content, and sometimes are even writing content to support post.

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Conversion teams like customer success. When Belgium Phone Number List working with your content team on this, make sure you emphasize that this is a new content type that can be add to itorial planning. Not something that’ll replace or ne to change the types of content they’re already writing. Respect their expertise Writing is hard. Doing it well requires immense skill and practice, but sadly, I’ve heard many SEOs talk about writers as if they didn’t know anything, just because they don’t know SEO. As an SEO, you’ll get far with your content department simply by respecting their expertise.

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Just as many SEO Managers aren’t writers, it’s unfair Phone Number QA of us to expect writers to have the SEO knowlge of a full-time SEO professional. Before you implement a content brief process, sit down with the Content Lead and members of the content team to gauge their search maturity. What do they actually ne your help with? Then trust them with the rest. Show results One of the best ways to get and maintain buy-in is by showing results. Show your content team how much of their traffic is coming from organic search and how, unlike many other content discovery channels.

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