On the afternoon of November 29, 2021, TikTokTestShortplayPay exploded on Weibo’s hot search. why many Iceland Phone Number

As a traffic pool, Douyin can make money by selling traffic to advertisers and Iceland Phone Number content providers. With more and more users, advertising fees are getting more expensive, and advertisers and creators are paying more and more to buy time slots. In this process, the better advertisers and creators do, the more money the platform will give it. Advertisers and creators and platforms stand on the same front, and it is advertisers’ money that they make.

Usually the top Internet celebrities have more than 5 million

views of each work. For advertisement placement, the quotation for short videos ranges from Iceland Phone Number 390,000 yuan to 585,000 yuan for long videos.

Some time ago, someone exposed the quotations of the top Internet celebrities on the Douyin Xingtu platform. Blackface V and papi sauce tied for the first place, and the highest advertisement quotation was 1.17 million.

Blackface V is an expert in special effects. He has only posted 100 videos on Douyin and has attracted 25 million fans. Looking at his recent videos, the average number of likes is about 280,000.

Papi sauce is an old Internet celebrity, a girl who combines beauty and talent, basically every platform has her. The average number of likes in recent videos is 320,000, and the number of views corresponding to each video is about 48 million.

Therefore, short videos may not dare to try paid membership services, and short video payments may also damage their traffic and reduce their profits. Once Douyin pays, it creates public opinion and may damage its brand image. Users will go to other short video platforms that do not need to pay to watch, so this is also related to the prisoner effect, Douyin dare not be the first to charge for payment.

2. The payment model that Douyin is trying

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Iceland Phone Number

Without paid members, Douyin has also begun to take more actions in short video content, and has successively opened the payment model of internal testing live broadcast payment and short drama payment.

1. Paid for skits
In the face of the surge in the traffic of short dramas, the two platforms of Douyin and Kuaishou are also constantly exploring the business monetization model. After Kuaishou launched the short drama payment model, Douyin also conducted related tests.

On the afternoon of November 29, 2021, #TikTokTestShortplayPay# exploded on Weibo’s hot search.


It is reported that Douyin has recently tested the payment model for short dramas. This is also the second attempt to monetize video content after Xigua Video launched platform members. In addition, it also opened a short drama column for creators to improve the Exposure of content.



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