Why do they love Australia WhatsApp Number List React videos?

Straight men’s reaction videos are also easy to understand. As the name implies. It is to form new video content by recording the real first reaction of men watching a certain audiovisual content. This kind of reaction usually has two layers of information. One is the direct behavior reaction. Such as exaggeration. Surprised body movements. Demeanor and voice. And the other is the thinking output reaction. Which is an effective opinion and comment on the content of watching. There are of course thousands of reasons why people like reaction videos. But there are only three of them. Group identity. Quasi-social relationships. And the joy of free interpretation “Under text poachers.”



Why They Love Reaction Videos

appropriate communication and psychological Australia WhatsApp Number List theories have long explained the deep pattern framework of human behavior. But disturbing causes are at work. Too. Such as the gaze of the other. Full of prying and scrutiny. Fueling the escalation of conflict and controversy. Before focusing on these debates. The source creation of the reaction video may be more worthy of attention. The state administration of radio. Film and television recently released the “Detailed rules for the review of online short video content (2021)”. Which clearly mentioned that short videos may not be cut or adapted by themselves without authorization. If it cannot be cut and adapted.


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Copyright battle in the fuzzy zone

However Erchuang will lose its fresh creative soil. And the Australia WhatsApp Number List business model of reaction video outside the copyright dispute is not very clear. Where are the reasonable and appropriate creative boundaries? What are the possible monetization paths? Beyond generating electricity for love. Can reaction videos find a way to become self-sufficient?However  01 is the straight man reaction funny enough? Is straight male reaction funny enough? The answer is yes. The male and female protagonists who make your pink bubbles pop out of the “High sweet name scene”. The straight man will only shout and be speechless. And turn his head to ask you with a confused look. However “Why are you covering your face and screaming?”

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