Why are all car companies talking Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List about “user co-creation” overnight?

In the book “Pursuit of excellence” written by management guru thomas peters. “Close to the customer” is regarded as an important measure of an excellent enterprise. Customers have a pivotal influence on every aspect of business operations (such as sales. Manufacturing. Research and development. Financial accounting. Etc.). There are rumors in the car circle: almost 9 out of 10 car brands are also practicing the concept of “User co-creation”. And one is preparing for “User co-creation”. This is a recent phenomenon in the automotive industry. Why overnight. All the oems have pushed the “User” to the highest throne of corporate strategic development?


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Users become the “Sweet pastry” in the Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List mouth of car companies In recent years. Automobile companies headed by the new car-making forces nio. Xiaopeng. And ideal have tasted the sweetness under the aura of “User co-creation”. Therefore And the market has received great reviews. Taking nio as an example. Users play an important role in every major event in the development of the enterprise. In 2018. A delegation of nio users participated in the new york listing ringing. In 2019. Dozens of car owners across the .Therefore country paid their own money to place nio advertisements in their respective cities.


Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List

Users become the “sweet pastry” in the mouth of car companies

There are more than 1.300 nio volunteer Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List users across the country who use their spare time to sell cars at nio stores for free; and the referral rate of nio customers is more than 50%. You can always see the powerful and self-contained voice of nio users on online media. As long as you have a nio owner by your side. You can always talk about this car countless times in daily communication. Therefore It can be seen that nio users have become brand communicators. Product recommenders. And “Partners” for the company’s growth. After the users of smart car brands buy a car.

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