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Internet services that require accessibility include content in any possible form, including text, document, image and video. At the same time, it is important to note and emphasize that an accessible website looks like a normal website and in most cases the accessibility adjustments do not change the appearance and structure of the website. If you are working to make the website more accessible by using the same accessibility bars, it is important that you check that these bars are adapte to the requirements of the website accessibility standard and that they include a color contrast that matches the requirements of the standard and that the font on the website can be enlarge using them in accordance with the 4 magnification sizes require by the standard.

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The accessibility standard is in accordance with the Armenia Phone Number List Israeli standard of the Standards Institute, which in turn is base on the international standard of the international standardization body. [contact-form-7 404 “not found”] Website accessibility on mobile We will open and refer to the applications (applications) that require accessibility: all applications designe for browsing devices that are not portable or stationary computers, including smart phones, tablet computers and even smart televisions, are require to make the application accessible. At the same time, there is a full exemption from the accessibility of applications that provide the same service as the service offere on the website operate by the owners of the application, and this if the existing website is accessible to all existing browsing devices.

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Who is obligate to make a website accessible on mobile Phone Number QA according to the law? All those websites that provide services to the public, including commercial services, welfare services, health services, eucation services, leisure and sports services, tourism and hospitality services, cultural and entertainment services, religious services, banking services, creit services, insurance and pension services, communication services.

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