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You can make a forecast about your total profit and even the types of content that generate profits for you so that you can know what you should invest in. Until then, you can use Google’s profit estimation calculator at this link (important: the data there are very approximate and do not guarantee you one profit or another). By the way, this is the time to point out that the revenue distribution in Google AdSense is 68% to the owner of the digital content and the rest to Google. For search ads, the distribution is 51% to the owner of the digital content and the rest to Google. For example: if the income from the ads on the site is $100 (this is the payment that the advertisers pay for the purpose of the example), you will earn $68.

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When and how do you get paid? The payment cycle is Philippines Phone Number List monthly. At the end of the month, Google will transfer the money to you within 21 to 26 days (or in professional language: current plus 21 to 26), and this is if you have complete all the other details. The other details that nee to be complete are filling in tax details, confirming personal details, verifying an address, choosing a payment method and reaching a payment threshold. The payment threshold is the minimum amount to receive money which is $100 or NIS 400 (according to the currency). You can choose to receive money by check, bank transfer or payment methods to transfer money internationally. Upon filling in the details, Google will transfer the money in the way you requeste. So how do you get starte with Google AdSense.

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To get starte, make sure you meet the terms and Phone Number QA policies and then register at the following link . You must then activate your account, which includes a manual check by Google. To activate, continue with the registration step, enter the website address, add personal and payment details, enter the code on the website and request a check. Upon submission of the request for review, it takes several days for Google to approve or reject the request, and usually up to two weeks. If the request is approve, your account will be activate.

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