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Ith e knew everyone, film.Ed everyone. Everyone wanted to talk to him: fidel castro, queen elizabeth, evita peron, richard nixon. The documentary film by tony halik – here I was is the story of a man. Who created his own legend so. Effectively that to. This day we do not know what is true in it. The entire .Material was based on previously. Unpublished recordings from the .Private archives of tony. Halik and elżbieta dzikowska, as well as a river .Nterview with the traveler’s son. It’s a story about passion for travel. And the pursuit of dreams, but also about the costs that must be paid to make them come true.

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The fluid boundary. Between truth and falsehood is inscribed in the .Extraordinary fate of a man who made this boundary his place on earth. Halik, as befits an experienced. Storyteller, liked to publicly embellish. This and that. Today it is difficult to find out .What of what he was talking about really happened, and what is only the result of Sweden Phone Number List his unbridled imagination. And sense of humor. Tony halik, actually mieczysław sędzimir antoni hail, was born. On january 24, 1921 in toruń, died on may 23, 1998 in warsaw. He was the most famous polish traveler, journalist, writer, cinematographer, photographer and autho. Of television programs about travel.

Where to Watch the Movie “Tony Halik I Was Here

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Living in communist poland. Where people didn’t have passports, halik was practically. Everywhere, he was evita peron’s .Private pilot, nbc journalist, pulitzer prize winner. “I was here – tony halik” – is a text that everyone. Knows – even if they don’t remembe.R his Phone Number QA pepper and vanilla programs. Broadcast in the 80s on tv. His adventures seem as improbable. As the adventures of indiana jones. In the last decade of the cold war, his extremely popular television programs were the proverbial “Only window .To the world” for millions of poles. Outside poland, practically unknown, from the. 1960s-1980s. In the 1980s, he appeared in a strange.Way wherever something important was. Going on in the world.

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