B2B marketers: where is the content for existing customers

The Content Marketing Institute has released the results of its latest survey, “2020 B2B Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America.” Although the research is focused on the American market, there are a number of striking results that I would like to share with you.

Where is the content for customers?

50% of B2B marketers focus on creating content for leads. Content aimed at generating and warming up leads, the beginning of the customer journey . Only 11% of marketers create content aimed at existing customers and building loyalty to the organization.

How is that in your organization? I think we are definitely VP Audit Email Lists missing out on opportunities here, because loyal customers, ambassadors (I actually didn’t want to use that word) can help bring in new leads. Through their own network, because if they are satisfied, they will recommend your organization. But also by sharing their experiences in a customer interview, for example.

VP of Audit Email Lists

Only 11% of B2B marketers create content aimed at existing customers and building loyalty to the organization.

Outsourcing content creation: is it a good idea?

50% of respondents indicate that they outsource some of their content marketing activities. This mainly concerns the creation of content (84%). On the one hand, that sounds very logical, because it just takes a lot of time to make good content. But it still surprises me: my own experiences with outsourcing are not always positive. An external party or freelancer does not know the organization and that can be a challenge in my eyes, I say that even though I am a freelancer too.

So what does work? As a freelancer, I try to regularly visit the parties I work for. If I want to know something about the content, I prefer to do so face-to-face or by telephone. I find it difficult to e-mail in that regard, because you can miss details. Do you work with freelancers? Then I would certainly invite them to come and work in the office from time to time, to keep them well informed about everything that is happening in the organization (even if it does not seem relevant) and to have regular telephone contact. In addition, freelancers can schedule an evaluation session with their clients every three months to see what can be improved. Keep that in mind, especially with content.

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