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Omar Menashe In the past, when there were no devices like computers, most of the advertising was done by the big meia like television and newspapers. Involvement of a business in embarrassing or criminal affairs was covere, but the scandal would pass after a while. Today, not only is the way information is presente completely different from what was customary in the past, but also the way it is store. Back then, saving information about businesses was done in an archive when this information was accessible only to those authorize to do so. Today, information about businesses that are involve in various affairs is expose to the eyes of all who demand it, and this is due to the existence of search engines.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that many businesses France Phone Number List turn to reputation management services. What is reputation management? In the field of marketing there will always be those who will take the approach that claims there is no such thing as bad advertising, all advertising is positive and essential for business. However, in practice, if we think about it in depth, we will find that one of the indicators of the success of a business is its positive business image. The reputation of the business plays an important role. The name of a business that goes before it will attract many intereste customers and indicate quality, reliability and professionalism. When a business or a business owner is involve in some affair – there are usually mentions of it throughout the web.

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These mentions remain and do not disappear, even Phone Number QA over time, so a focuse search in the search engines will make them appear again. A reputation management service actually pushes these mentions to the margins. By raising positive mentions and building a positive image. reputation management What is the vision behind the service? The assumption that guides this service relies on the behavior of surfers. According to data, it was measure that only close to 25% of the surfers who are looking for information, go to the additional pages in the search results. Everyone else is satisfie with the information that appears on the first page.

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