Werewolf” by Adrian Panek From September 4 on Vod

Awarded at festivals in gdynia, tallinn and chicago, the horror titled “Werewolf”, about post-war trauma and the struggle for survival, goes to vod services. The film “Werewolf” dir. Adam panek the film werewolf is the first polish war horror. Film that keeps you in suspense, directed by adrian panek – the author of the award-winning film daas with andrzej chyra. A captivating and genuinely terrifying story about a group of children liberated from the camp. Who fight for survival in a palace surrounded. By nazi alsatian dogs in the middle of the forest. Werewolf premiered at the polish film festival in gdynia, where it won awards. For direction and music. In addition, it was presented. At festivals in tallinn (award of the ecumenical jury. And the audience) and in chicago. (the “Revealing eye” award for a young talented artist.

It is Certainly Worth Seeing Such an Unusual and Important Film by a Talented Polish Artist

What is “The werewolf” about? Summer 1945. For eight children liberated from the. Gross-rosen camp, a makeshift orphanage .Is set up in an abandoned palace. Among the forests. Twenty-year-old hanka, also a former. Prisoner, becomes their guardian. After the horrors of the camp, the heroes slowly regain the remnants of their lost childhood, but the Colombia Phone Number List nightmare .Quickly returns to them. Camp. Wolfhounds roam the surrounding forests. Released by the s. Before the liberation of gross-rosen, starved and feral animals surround. The palace in search of food. The camp survival instinct kicks in in terrified children. “Werewolf” will be available from friday, september 4, 2020 on the following platforms: player, canal+, ncplus go, vod.Pl, ipla, cyfrowy polsat. Orange, play, upc, multimedia polska, vectra, chili, rakuten, netia, inea, toya.

What is “the Werewolf” About

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Watch the movie trailer: adrian panek’s work is well characterized by two words: consistency and love of mystery. In both of his feature-length films, the director proved that he has full control over his own technique, as. Evidenced by the awards he. Received Phone Number QA at the gdynia festival for directing the films daas (2011) and the premiere werewolf (2018). Adrian panek consistently makes pictures. About the past, referring to the conventions of genre. Historical cinema. Werewolf is the first. Polish film in more than three decades. Which is a successful genre combination of the screen vision of the past with a horror film. Created by panek, filled with secrets, film worlds always invite viewers to reflect on the meanders of the human soul.

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