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For example the user receive a coupon for a discount of 1000 rubles. when ordering for 2000 rubles. and more, when using this prize, you will still earn money. In addition, you will have data to renew contact with the user: you can add him to the CRM system, and then offer something else. Remember that you nee to set an expiration date for promotional codes so that they are not endless. 2. Use the chatbot for the draw. Let the user write a given code word under the key entry, and the robot will give the result and the number of remaining attempts. It will be possible to increase the number of attempts by reposting a publication with information about the draw. The algorithm will depend on the mechanics you come up with. To make a similar tool, you can use the Active Bot service.

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How to increase CTR and Conv1_Competitions with Macedonia Phone Number List a chatbot In the example above, “roulette” was use. The price will depend on how many subscribers you have in the community. How to set up a chatbot for such mechanics? Set a rule so that the bot checks for a subscription to the public and notifies the user about its absence. Make a condition that you won’t be able to participate without a subscription. Offer to increase the number of roulette activations per repost. Despite the low coverage of the Share with Friends mechanic, it can still be use – neither you nor the subscriber will lose anything. Give attempts. With a certain frequency or under certain conditions, you can send a notification to the user that you have given him additional attempts at roulette. When a person leaves another comment on a post, he will automatically increase the viral reach. Pavel Presnyakov share two interesting ways to attract users to the public on VKontakte.

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For our part we offer to connect several channels at once to increase the audience. For example, you can use contextual advertising in Direct, target Phone Number QA VKontakte, etc. It is much more convenient to manage advertising campaigns when you have a single account . We also offer services so that you can automate routine processes: select key phrases, parse the audience, use dashboards and an affiliate program , which makes it possible to receive a reward as a percentage of the advertising budget. Non-spam donor sites for link promotion SapeSape 21 July 2022, at 13:10 Font:02582 When choosing the best donor sites for buying rental links, optimizers pay attention to a number of different factors. This is confirme by various studies . It is also believe that search engines treat resources that have too many outgoing links with bias and wariness. The link place on them may not have significant weight. If the site is too spammy, you should be careful.


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