And yet, countless marketers and entrepreneurs spend time, energy, and effort on them. We all Oman Phone Number

We all want our businesses to do well and believe any analytics and numbers Oman Phone Number that tell us that we’re on our way to achieving the goals. However, these fancy figures often don’t really mean anything. Even if the numbers look impressive, a more in-depth investigation shows that they don’t help us understand the digital marketing performance or inform future plans in any way.

And yet, countless marketers and entrepreneurs spend time, energy, and effort on them.

So what are vanity metrics?

These are metrics that make others go “Wow!” but offer no real value addition towards helping you gauge your brand’s performance and subsequent future strategies.

If you want to “look” like you are doing well, keeping track of these metrics is an excellent idea. But if you’d rather assess your brand’s actual progress, track metrics that offer actionable, engaging data that can be used to improve your business.

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An Overview Of Vanity Metrics To Look Out For

We’ve lost count of the number of people who have ignored our advice because they are “writing for a sophisticated audience”. It doesn’t matter. Clear and concise writing benefits everyone. Your content can be as complex as you want it to be. Your writing shouldn’t. Period.

A telltale indication that you are dealing with a vanity metric is that it continues Oman Phone Number to grow – the numbers only get bigger with time. For example, shares on Facebook, page views, downloads and users, etc.

Since any metric can be a vanity metric, it is essential to figure out the ones you should not waste your efforts on.


We’re all guilty of judging a brand’s success by its social media followers and likes on its pages because of its power in today’s age. Even though the number of followers is not entirely linked to your website’s success, it is perceived to be so.

However, even a massive number of social media followers don’t always indicate good social engagement. This is primarily related to the unpredictability of human behavior. That’s why you should not mistake social media followers to be your brand followers too.

It is essential to gauge the following engagement metrics to determine your social media pages’ success.

  • Website Traffic: The contribution of social media towards increasing website traffic and the number of conversions and sales that happen due to it.
  • Brand Awareness: The number of people your posts reach and how many of them share, like, comment, and subscribe.
  • Customer Experience: How responsive are you to the customer questions on social media, and how much time you take to answer? The number of customers who used a social platform to report their experience.
  • Content Downloads: The number of social media posts that resulted in content downloads and how many were they.
  • Event Registrations: The number of registrations for a webinar or event that came in because of social media posts.

2. Website Traffic Increases

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Avoid citing specific dates and writing content that needs to be updated. Even adding 200 to 300 words to an older article can help refresh it and make the article more competitive. Types of content matt cutts advised writers to continually evaluate their articles and aim to write evergreen content that never goes out of date.

In some fields this is going to be easier than others.

If you have a website that deals with technology.  Chances are.  Your older articles are going to become useless in six months to one year. These articles will need constant updating to continue to make them relevant. Whenever a new operating system comes out.  Add a section describing how to perform an action described in an older article on the new operating system. For website that focus on historical information.

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