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Advantages – why is it worth it? Here are some reasons why you should use the Facebook Commerce Manager system: A variety of sales sources – you can sell through your online site, through a direct message to the business page or through direct payment on Facebook or Instagram. Types of stores – the system allows you to create Facebook Shops (stores on the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace or WhatsApp). Getting insights – you can get reports on the performance of your items and your customers. Product promotion – you can promote your products in a variety of marketing channels, both sponsore and organic. Preview – you can see what products look like before they are presente to your customers on the platforms. Commerce Manager account features.

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The Facebook Commerce Manager account Israel Phone Number List has several features that you should be aware of when using it. First, you must have both a Facebook account and a Facebook Business Manager account to create a Commerce Manager account, but you can manage multiple Commerce accounts in one account. These are the features: 1. Managing the information of the business A Commerce Manager account allows you to manage your business information across Facebook, important information that is intende for customers when they see your products. Such as delivery policy, product return policy and monetary creit and additional information.

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Product catalog management The system allows you to Phone Number QA manage the products and their data, as well as the display of the various marketing channels. You can see the data sources of the products (fees), handle various problems if they exist and also a group of items (sets) for advertising and marketing nees. 3. Data and insights You have the option to see the performance of the products and in particular the number of exposures, views on product pages, how they are discovere, the posts in which the products are tagge, target audience and more. It is also possible to connect to a tracking tool such as Facebook Pixel.

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