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If website visitors have too many options, the chance that they will actually make a choice becomes smaller, because making the choice is then more difficult. So there is a paradox here. If you offer many different products or services on your site, you should try to avoid the paradox of choice . You do this by, for example, providing sufficient sorting and filtering options, so that a website visitor can narrow down the range of choices.

Below you can see an example. A website visitor can not only sort by category, but also by color or size. This way you quickly arrive at a relevant selection.

Loss aversion

A loss weighs twice as much as a gain. It is therefore more motivating to avoid a certain loss than to achieve a certain profit. This principle is closely related to Cialdini’s seduction Media Directors Email Lists principle ‘scarcity’. You really don’t want to miss out on a product that is almost sold out or a discount that will expire soon. Booking.com uses loss aversion. Just look at the example below. I almost booked as I wrote this article.

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Decoy effect

With the Decoy effect, you add a third option, which ensures that the option you want to steer towards appears the most attractive. In the first example below, €3.50 initially seems expensive for a cup of coffee. In the second example, the same price suddenly seems quite reasonable, because a more expensive option has been added. This way you can control which option you want the website visitor to choose. This third option should be in between the cheap and expensive option in price, but just a little closer to the expensive one.

The decoy effect is also often used with subscriptions, as in the example below.

Pain of paying

Most people don’t like spending money. It even activates the same brain region as physical pain. That is why you want to remind the user as little as possible about spending money. You can do this, for example, by omitting euro signs, not making prices too large and by asking for the payment method as late as possible in the ordering process.

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