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If you already have ready made retargeting and any other campaigns. You can manage them from one account using the automation service . You will be able to track KPIs, quickly adjust campaigns and r eistribute the budget between them. To ensure that you are always aware of the status of the advertising campaign. Our service provides a large amount of statistics that can be download e and provid e to the advertising customer. In addition, you can join the affiliate program and receive a return of up to 15% of the clients’ advertising turnover. Yandex and VKontakte affiliate programs: advantages, limitations and possible alternatives click.ruB2B Click 21 September 2022, at 10:07 Font:02443 Many advertising platforms provide an opportunity for agencies to earn extra money through affiliate programs. Thanks to this, the systems themselves and their partners can cooperate on mutually beneficial terms.

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In this article we will tell you what a specialist (or company) can Senegal Phone Number List do to participate in. Yandex and VKontakte affiliate programs. You will also find out what benefits the partner status provides. Content Yandex affiliate program: requirements and rules Who is allow e to become a Yandex partner. What you ne e to become a partner in Direct, Zen, Business, m eia and video advertising How to get certifi e in Yandex Benefits for a certifi e partner What you ne e to get certifi e in Metrica. Direct, Zen What conditions must be met to become a certifi e partner in. Yandex Market Affiliate program VKontakte Requirements for partners How is the certification affiliate program.

Senegal Phone Number List

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Depending on which Yandex service you plan to interact with, the conditions will be different. It is not enough to meet the requirements for advertising turnover in Yandex.Direct in order to Phone Number QA obtain partner status in both Yandex.Direct, display advertising, and Yandex.Business. Who is allow e to become a Yandex partner Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that meet the requirements. Of the site and have sign e an agreement with Yandex can participate. This means that web studios and advertising agencies can work closely with the advertising system, develop and attract customers, benefiting from this. What are the requirements for partners? have a register e legal entity or individual entrepreneur; sign an agreement with Yandex on the provision of paid services.


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