Waiting Attitude a Final Explanation

Business buyers are becoming less dependent on the old face-to-face relationship and start looking for information themselves: on the sites of all providers and with their peers via various social media. This increases the importance of online (inbound) marketing. The often difficult relationship between sales and marketing (of which point 2 is an example) is an unnecessary stumbling block, because both have data that can benefit the other. And they ultimately have the same goal: to generate revenue for their employer.

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Waiting attitude

A final explanation lies in the inertia that many B2B companies suffer from. Many of them are traditional in nature and take a wait-and-see attitude towards new developments, such as the increasing influence of social media in the buyer cycle. But most of the time, they simply lack the knowledge to make Founder Email Lists effective use of these new channels and the confidence that investments will eventually pay off in greater revenue. There is also significant catching up to do: many companies are still struggling to define the role of the website in their marketing, let alone embracing a cohesive effective online marketing strategy.

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Online marketing as core business

I think that – certainly in the current economic period – B2B companies can no longer afford not to regard their (online) marketing as their core business. In particular, the shift from a personal relationship to consulting online sources (sites and social media) by prospects means that marketing continues to play a role throughout the buyer cycle . Reason enough to streamline sales and marketing as a joint activity, and to finally give marketing the place it deserves.

I am very curious about the opinions and experiences of readers who work in the B2B. Do you share this analysis? Do you see the division of roles between sales and marketing shifting due to the growing role of the internet as a source of information? I like to hear it.

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