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Let’s figure out what promotion by this method is, how to place eternal links correctly and where you can buy them. What are the benefits of perpetual links Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of perpetual links: High spee . Website promotion with permanent links from high-quality and spam-free sites remains a popular strategy, as it allows you to quickly get to the first lines of the search engine and maintain positions for a long time. The main difficulty lies in the selection of a donor site. The better the resource, the more people who want to get a link from it from the English link – link . As demand grows, so does the placement price. High efficiency . Eternal links work better than temporary ones due to a larger number of quality donor sites.

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At the same time the optimizer can Estonia Phone Number List independently increase this parameter by manually selecting the most optimal sites for placing links. Longevity . Over time, the link equity that is transferre increases. This is due to the growth of the trust the level of trust of search engines of the donor site. Profitability . The cost of permanent links is comparable to 10-12 months of renting temporary ones. The only drawback of such attachments is the risk that the webmaster will remove the link. You can avoid this situation and get a money back guarantee when buying links through the Rookee service. What to consider when buying eternal links When buying perpetual links, there are a number of features to consider: The donor site must have a similar theme.

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If your niche is narrow and there are few such resources, you nee to focus on the highest quality sites. It is worth considering the QI site quality index , the number of pages in the index, trust. The text in which it is planne to place a mention must correspond to the page of the acceptor site users go to it . Site Quality Index The ideal option is a contextual link place in the body of the article . The user must understand what awaits him after switching to another site. It is better Phone Number QA if the donor site has high traffic . Then users will start actively moving from the resource. Traffic and Engagement Anchor should not change . The same applies to the address of the page on which the placement takes place. It is better to promote commercial sites with links from donors locate in the same region.

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