User scale measurement: setting goals for user growth Canada WhatsApp Number List

User scale measurement. Originated from market sizing. Is a skill commonly use in consulting and many industry jobs. In interviews. Case interviews are often encountere to examine thinking. Such as: how many bald people are there in china? How much pork will zhejiang need to eat in the next year? Although it usually seems that I don’t know how to start. There are actually relatively mature methods to solve it: through problem definition. Split into calculation formulas. And each indicator in the formula can be quantified and assigned: The top-down method is also called “Starting from the supply side”. From the perspective of production capacity. It is more suitable for bottlenecks on the supply side and supply < demand. For example.




It is difficult to take a taxi in rainy days. The Canada WhatsApp Number List order quantity can be measured by how much supply the driver can provide. The bottom-up method is also called “Starting from the demand side”. From the perspective of user needs. It is more suitable for the situation where the supply side can meet the needs of users. Supply > demand. The characteristics of this method are: Biased towards macro estimates; The calculation method is relatively mature; The calculation speed is relatively fast. But the calculation accuracy is not enough. The problem of measurement accuracy is mainly based on the estimation of orders of magnitude in each step of the calculation process. Resulting in relatively coarse granularity. However. Relatively accurate data generally exists in enterprises.


Canada WhatsApp Number List

What are the usage scenarios for user scale estimation

Therefore. A relatively accurate measurement Canada WhatsApp Number List  made using .the method of market size measurement. This article focuses on this paper introduces the application of bottom-up method in the estimation of market size in enterprises. 2. What are the usage scenarios for user scale estimation? For companies. After the product is launche. It is usually necessary to set user growth goals. Too high goals are often difficult to achieve. And too low goals are often too easy to achieve. User scale measurement can provide an appropriate reference range for user growth. It  used for different product stages. It is recommende to use the new product launch stage. At this time. It is often not so fast to set growth goals. At this time. The business side has vague information on business growth.

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