User Behavior Design: Harnessing the Power of Commitment China WhatsApp Number List

An interesting experiment: the tester asked the participants “Would you like to help children in poor mountainous areas to give them some help?” the results showed that most of the participants answered “Yes!”. Because it seems that they do not need to pay anything. Extra things. But can harvest a good image of being helpful. A week later. The tester asked the participants again. “Would you like to donate some small money or buy some public goods to children in poor mountainous areas?” most of the participants gave generously. Another group of controlled trials. Without the first question above. Directly asked if they would like to donate. And found that the probability of the participants rejecting increased because.


Public Commitment: Make Users Put Some Effort

The underlying principle: China WhatsApp Number List  behavioral economics Why do promises have such an impact that they make us change our behavior? From a sociological point of view. Consistency is the basis of social trust. If one person does not have consistency. Then others will stay away from him because the person often does not keep their promises. From a psychological point of view. If we make a commitment from the heart and not forced. Then we will stick to our original choice. Even if it takes some effort. That is. To keep our behavior consistent sex. This is very similar to the description of the “Endowment effect” in behavioral economics: when we choose something. We will automatically maintain and support it. Such as horse racing.


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Heavy Commitment: Joining Ceremony that Requires Great Effort

And the audience who buys horse betting will China WhatsApp Number List audiences who believe a horse will win more than those who don’t. And if buying a horse lottery is a commitment. Then believing in supporting the horse that’s been chosen is a sign of consistency. 3. How to use it in user behavior design? Commitment is actually a decision-making mechanism for users: that is. Let the user make a promise first (the user does not need to take immediate action). Then determine the time and then remind the user to perform the contract (show the user the promise certificate he made by himself). And finally improve compliance rate. The application of 3 types of promises in user behavior design: 1. Commitment lightly: collect coupons instead of automatically issuing them As a user.

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