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There are many more compelling ways to communicate these results than in articles. An integrated map allows researchers to measure how far they are from where the company is located or if you serve their area. An included video can give them a quick overview of your home, your equipment your techniques and your staff. Local ideas can show your latest feedback to customers and provide that social proof of when and where they plan to use your services. High quality images can help them understand the experience you offer. Local content and services can provide the information and conversion needs of your visitors. Click to call, book or communicate using or even texting directly makes it easy for those willing to convert to do so. These are all elements of a standard local landing page experience. From here you can connect to your deeper sources.

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Use your landing page model to create custom pages for certain types of services series of services, etc. Most importantly, your local page is designed for research and conversion designed. To provide the next step for a wide variety of local researchers. Properly Brazil Phone Number tagged with related strategies so that google knows how and why your page. Is the best answer to related questions. Check out john McAlpine’s list of SEO tips to the perfect. Landing page for more tips on being a local landing page. Now take people to your local page Use a locator to help researchers find the right location. The return link with the traveler ensures that customers can also return and view other locations and services.

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Below Your location can be live in the main menu and featured on the home page, and the local page is just two clicks away. Breadcrumbs are a good crumb tool here. Links to the browser from the home page and provides a local page for the best user experience. Photo by author, November 2021 You can use templates for your local pages to keep the look, feel and experience consistent as well as reduce the workload of producing them. Duplicate content won’t affect your ranking, so don’t worry if these are general at first and you add local content as time goes on as much as you can. Continue reading below Look at local landmarks and highways, share photos of the interior and exterior, explain what special services are offered from that location, etc.

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