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If the moderation is successful, the funds will be transferre to the Telegram Ads advertising account, and you will be able to show ads to a new target audience. If moderation is not passe, the money will be returne to your account. After the above steps, you will be able to replenish the balance, as in other advertising systems. If suddenly there was a delay or you were refuse, be patient. Demand is high and capacity is limite. We have already talke about Telegram’s high requirements for the quality of advertising. Study the rules well and be prepare to wait a bit, and most likely you will be happy with the result. Register and try all the features of the Telegram advertising platform on favorable terms. also allows you to test automation tools, convenient dashboards etc.

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Connect client accounts to the affiliate program and Honduras Phone Number List you will be able to receive a reward of up to 15% of the advertising turnover. How to set up the collection of any data from personal accounts of Yandex Direct and Google Ads and send them to Telegram Digital GeeksDigital Geeks 17 August 2022, at 10:09 Font:03559 Hello! I’m Vladimir Malyugin, founder of the Digital Geeks performance marketing agency. Today I will tell you how to use automation to solve three problems at once. Firstly, to save employees from routine tasks that take 3-4 hours. Secondly, to increase the transparency of work for the customer. And thirdly, to avoid mistakes due to the human factor. Vladimir Malyugin, founder of performance marketing agency Digital Geeks How did the idea of ​​automation come about? Our client was an online store of sleep products: we conducte contextual advertising and place products on marketplaces.

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Title Tag Include The Keyword In The Url Mention The

To save the time of the agency staff and the customer company, we decide to automate the process of collecting data on all advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Yandex Direct, as well as information about leads from Google Analytics. And then set up sending messages with the most important indicators to the Phone Number QA Telegram chat. Stage one: creating scripts to collect data in a table We wrote a script in the R programming language that collects data on the costs of each advertising campaign using the API into a table create in Google Sheets. The second script of the same type accumulates information about leads from Google Analytics. creating scripts to collect data in a table Data collection results are entere into a Google Sheets spreadsheet Formulas form pivot tables Formulas form pivot tables The algorithm groups numbers by promotional tools and by day.


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