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Technical errors weak content lack of basic internal optimization. Insufficient study of commercial factors – all this prevents you from breaking into the top. The only way to get the most out of SEO is through comprehensive website optimization. The SEO module of the PromoPult platform allows you to achieve results in a short time if you use the system’s capabilities to the maximum. Let’s show how our client achieve breakthrough results, improve the position of the site and maintaine a consistently high percentage of visibility in Yandex search. Introductory information The company from St. Petersburg is engage in the production and sale of synthetic ice for skating rinks. The site is tailore for sales in the b2b segment, its structure and content correspond to this: types of artificial ice, relate products, examples of work, videos from the production and installation of facilities, information for partners in the regions of the.

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Russian Feeration contacts for communication Chile Phone Number List with the sales department. The PromoPult SEO module was connecte in January 2022. The main goal was to improve the position of the site in the Yandex search engine. What has been achieve after three months of promotion To begin with. Here is a brief summary of the results of a three-month promotion in the. PromoPult SEO module: 01/12/2022 03/31/2022 Website visibility in. Yandex 2% 84% Site visibility in Yandex and Google 28% 68% Positions in Yandex by keywords 51-12 8-1 During the period of active optimization of the site, which fell on January-March 2022, a significant increase in its visibility was achieve. The most impressive figures are in Yandex. At the time of connecting the SEO module, the visibility of the site for the group of the most targete keywords was 2%, at the end of.

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March it increase to and at the peak in early April it reache 87%. At the beginning of April, the visibility of the site in Yandex is stable at 82%. Website Phone Number QA visibility in Yandex The 10 most targete key phrases adde from 7 to 50 points desktop and mobile searches are taken into account, the largest increase was on mobile : Website visibility in Yandex Of the 31 keywords selecte for promotion: 11 keywords got into the top 3 of Yandex; in the top 10 – 27; in the top 30 – 29. Only two key phrases were outside the top 30. During the work, the overall visibility of the site in Yandex and Google has also increase. At the beginning of the promotion.


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