Unlimited and 5gb Card in Orange

May weekend starts on friday. – this year it may be a bit different than usual due. To the pandemic, but orange though.T about its customers using the pre-paid offer, who will. Probably need more mobile data. Spending. A slightly longer weekend in homes, gardens or balconies, some entertainment and minutes. To talk will be useful, so it’s worth takin.G advantage of this unique opportunity. From monday, april 27 to sunday, may 3. You can use the service “Unlimited calls, smss and mmss to all + 5gb package” for pln 0. The promotion .Will last for 5 full days from the moment of activation. For example: if you launch the service. On may 1, 2020, you can use free sms and mms .Minutes and 5 gb of mobile internet until may 6, 2020. 23:59. How to run a promotion? Just send a free text message majowka .To 364 . The service will be activated automatically and you .Will receive a confirmation via sms.

The Pandemic is Changing the Habits of Playing Mobile Games

Important : the number on which you. Are using the promotion cannot have an active. Unlimited service. After 5 days, the promotional service will be automatically disabled. Young and working poles most often use mobile games .In public transport, as well as on. Their way to and from work. He concentrates on. It for 15-20 minutes, usually Namibia Phone Number List between he is most. Active on fridays and mondays. The most popular are arcade, recreational and simulation games. Such answers were most often asked. About the situation before the pandemic. However, industry experts predict that these habits could. Change completely. The public will start. Playing more on the weekends, and the. Traffic will spread out more throughout the week. These changes can already be seen in global trends. From the survey, conducted at the turn. Of march and april this year.

Young Poles Love to Play in Public Transport but the Pandemic May Change Habits by Moving Traffic to Homes

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By uce research, shows that. Working poles between the ages of 18 and 35 before the coronavirus pandemic .Most often played mobile games in public transport – 29%. In second place, they indicated the way to work and back – 25%. These were well-worn habits, which, however, are beginning to change .Strongly in the new reality. For example, you can provide data from .The adcolony network, which currently has over 9 million unique users in its resources Phone Number QA in poland. They indicate that 49% of gamers aged 14 to 60 use this type of entertainment primarily at home. The results of the study. Reflect that the mobile phone user can quickly take advantage of such entertainment. Anywhere and anytime. Public transport is a perfect. Example of this. Of course, during the pandemic .The habits of people who stay at home change. It is most visible in the case of professionally active people.

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