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Additional pages can be connect e for 100 rubles. There are no ready-made forms for product cards, you ne e to create them yourself from widgets: block, text, picture, “add to cart” button. Creatium tariffs: Basic – 600 rubles per month for the first publish e site. For each subsequent project – 100 rubles per month. To open an online store, additional options are add e to the basic package, for example, a shopping cart, A / B testing, integrations, multi-landing, payment systems. For all this you ne e to pay extra 100 rubles. Creatium will appeal to developers of client sites: you can work with a large number of projects and experiment with design. Also, this constructor should be chosen if the online store is focus e on the foreign market.

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Bazium Another good platform on which to Bahamas Phone Number List deploy online trading. After registration, the system will prompt you to select the type of project, among which there is a “Shop”. In the control panel, the main settings are locat e on the desktop, in the. Online Store” section, you can add products and create promotions. bazium. The eitor is simple and clear, allows you to design buttons, product cards, quick order forms. Sections on pages can be mov e, delet e and new ones add e. Each one can be easily eit e by clicking on “Design” in the block menu. Bazium Benefits of Basium: A blank page to assemble the structure and design to your liking. There is a flexible block in which you can change the size of elements with the mouse and place them in any place.

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A good implementation of your own CRM system with detail e reports on transactions, setting tasks and collecting contacts. There is an advanc e version of Phone Number QA CRM in which you can create an unlimit e number of sales funnels. Good form for cards. They have an extend e description, benefits, badges, a “see also” function, and display a different image for different product options. Setting up automatic sending of digital goods. Unlimit e number of pages. Bazium Disadvantages: Poor selection of ready-made blocks. No integration with delivery services. There are many restrictions on the tariff for online stores: up to 500 products, no export / import, no promotional codes you can not set up 301 r eirects and add other administrators. Bazium tariffs.


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