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Using practical examples let’s look at exactly how site owners make money by placing display ads, find out what you should pay attention to in the first place and how to increase income. The new broadcast will be interesting: site owners who doubt that their resource can be profitably monetize through advertising; webmasters who are taking their first steps in website monetization and plan to make it a significant or even main source of income; experience publishers who want to learn more about other people’s practices and methods of making money on advertising. RFM analysis: segmenting the client base and applying it to campaigns click.

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However it is not enough just to set up an audience Malta Phone Number List in the Yandex or MyTarget account. To make the best offer to each potential buyer, you nee to segment. One of the common methods is RFM analysis, which we will discuss in this article. You will learn how to conduct it and apply it in advertising. Content RFM analysis: what is it and why to use it Consequences of the lack of RFM analysis How to conduct an RFM analysis How to use RFM analysis to increase sales RFM analysis: what is it and why to use it The Pareto Law states that 20% of users bring 80% of the profit to the business. These people buy goods and services more often than anyone else and spend significant amounts.

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Companies have to spend more money to attract new customers than to interact with an existing customer base. An important advantage Phone Number QA of loyal users is that they can recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. So the business gets more conversions. A positively minde audience often returns for new or previously purchase goods, leaves reviews on various resources, passes satisfaction surveys, and participates in activities. Thanks to the results of RFM analysis, you can effectively create look-alike targeting and make offers that potential buyers will definitely like. By dividing the base into segments, a business can build high-quality communication with the audience.


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