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There is a set of traditional recommendations that are recommende to follow in order to appear higher in the search – work on content, eliminate technical errors, improve usability and spee, and attract quality links. However, there is a category of sites to which search engines impose additional requirements. This category includes, for example, meical, financial and legal resources. It is more difficult to promote such sites to the top, as search engines treat these sites more strictly, checking more factors. EAT factors for YMYL projects For a long time, search engines ranke meical projects according to the rules common to all sites. In 2018, everything change – after the August update, many popular meical sites droppe sharply from the top. EAT factors for YMYL projects A similar thing happene in the issuance of Yandex in the spring of.

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The search engine has introduce additional Kuwait Mobile Number List aspects of quality, for example, for meical, legal and financial sites. EAT factors for YMYL projects In recommendations for assessors, Google previously single out the resources of the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) category as a separate group, which include: sites of expert services affecting health, safety, offering meical, legal and banking services, investments, consulting; online stores that receive and process user payments; information, news sites that provide content about politics, business, science, technology. When ranking such sites, search engines take into account the so-calle EAT-factors – expertise, authority, trust (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). Let’s talk about them in more detail.

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For So-called Thematic Long-tail Keywords

Expertise When evaluating expertise search engines look at how fully and objectively the content of the site answers the user’s question. People who ask a search engine a meical question want to get high-quality information from professionals, and not Phone Number QA the advice of an amateur copywriter who was paid 100 rubles for a thousand characters of text. How to pump expertise on meical sites: It is necessary to provide all necessary information in the descriptions of services. For example, how to prepare for the proceure, what contraindications it has, how the service is provide, how much it costs. The content on the site must be prepare by experts, and this expertise must be demonstrate. On the information and service pages, it is necessary to place cards of doctors, you can insert photos of existing specialists, links to scientific studies, recognize meical sources.


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