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Sape can be us e as a text generator. They require manual refinement but this is a quick tool that r euces the amount of work of the optimizer. The more correctly the snippets are compos e, the better the texts will be. After generation, you can upload the texts to Links.Sape to use them for your projects. Thus, not all services and tools that are us e in link building are us e by specialists at 100%. Optimizers have the opportunity to add new techniques to their arsenal and work even more efficiently. The life hacks describ e above will help to enrich almost any link building strategy and simplify the solution of SEO tasks. How to r euce the cost of a lead by 50% and increase the number of applications in an “expensive” niche.

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Case Promo Pult Promo Pult Promo Pult 23 September 2022, at 11:59 Font:02339 There is a myth that sellers of expensive goods and services have nothing to do in social Turkey Phone Number List networks. In the best case, the budget will simply go nowhere, in the worst case, the advertiser will receive a negative about prices. But if you set up the campaign correctly, taking into account the interests of your target audience, you can get impressive results. The PromoPult user manag e to halve the cost of a lead from myTarget in three months, increase the number of clicks and the number of requests while maintaining advertising costs. Let’s talk in more detail about the results and stages of setting up a campaign in the targeting module.

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Results r euc e CPL by doubl e the number of applications The owners of a site selling parquet and solid boards previously promot e on the Internet with the help of SEO. But, starting in 2020, organic traffic Phone Number QA was no longer enough to support the sales plan. To cover other sources of customer acquisition, we launch e advertising in Yandex Direct, and as an additional tool we decid e to try advertising in myTarget. The setup was entrust e to the specialists of the PromoPult platform . Here are the results of the campaign for the period May-July 2022: Metrics/period May 2022 June 2022 July 2022 Number of transitions Number of applications 56 78 112 Advertising costs amount e to about 200,000 rubles per month.


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