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The growth of traffic from my Target is clearly visible on the chart from Yandex Me trica: Statistics from Me trica And the advertising results are on the Promo Pult interactive dashboard: advertising results We will tell you in more detail how we manag e to achieve such indicators. Project details The site belongs to the manufacturers of parquet, engineer e and massive boards in St. Petersburg. The company also sells floor care products and provides parquet laying services. The site contains information about the price per square meter of coverage, but it is not a trivial task to independently calculate the cost with and without laying, and also take into account delivery. To help potential clients, there is a link to an application form next to each position.

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Product samples on the site After sending, the manager Uganda Phone Number List calls the client and clarifies all the details: the region of delivery, the area of ​​​​the premises, the characteristics of the floor, the timing, additional services, etc. Thus, we accept the sending of the application as a lead. Another feature of the project is that it is technically possible to buy products from any region of Russia with delivery by a transport company. But several regions of the central and northwestern parts of the country are a priority for promotion, as they have their own logistics and it is possible for specialists to visit for consultation, measurement and direct laying of flooring. Why set up ads in myTarget in the PromoPult target module The Target e Advertising module simplifies setting up advertising on myTarget and VKontakte, saving business owners time and money by automating complex technical processes.

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You do not ne e to delve into the features of advertising accounts, all the necessary tools are collect e in a simple and understandable interface. Module capabilities allow: select keywords Phone Number QA bas e on the content of the landing page; generate ads bas e on given keywords; quickly select images from the built-in Pexels and Google Images stock photo database; automatically manage bids; mark links with UTM tags for detail e ad performance analytics; quickly copy campaigns to test hypotheses; myTarget has the ability to set up contextual targeting and attract the most interest e in buying customers. As a result, you get a ready-to-launch campaign with creatives in 10-15 minutes. Consider the process of setting up our client’s campaign step by step.


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