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There was one big issue, though: we didn’t build the site ourselves. Nor did we have the level of access that would allow us to make any design. Or fundamental changes that could support SEO and lead generation. In turn, our strategy had to be heavily content-driven. Our strategy 1. Add a chat function In November 2019, we add the ‘Tawk To’ chat function to the site which has help generate leads. After analyzing when their audience was visiting the website, we found that most users were on the site late at night and on weekends. With their team being out of the office and unable. To answer any phone calls during these timeframes.

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We thought it would be of value to offer an online Namibia Phone Number List chat function to help capture inquiries so potential customers wouldn’t be put off or frustrat! This would put them at an advantage compar to their competitors who were not doing this. We implement the bot so it appears on the tab as a message notification, drawing people’s attention to the page even when it isn’t the active tab. So far, 330 inquiries have been made through this function. Fleetcover Chat Bot 2. Implement technical SEO Tweaks that support technical SEO are perhaps some of the most important changes you can make to see real results. We implement this by.

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Optimizing page titles Creating meta descriptions Phone Number QA that were between 100-155 characters, using keywords that naturally fit Using the optimal image sizes that each website requir Using alt text for images Implementing internal and external links where possible Utilizing FAQ schema on the more frequently search questions Optimizing the sitemap by getting rid of URLs that wouldn’t support organic search Using the robots.txt file to point search crawlers in the right direction Creating 301 rirects. There were a number of outdat pages as well as 404 errors that ne to be address Making usability.

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