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Creating content for retail store owners and others in the brick and mortar retail industry. After listening to some sales and support calls on Gong (many teams use this to record customer and prospect calls), I might find out that “merchandising” is a big topic of focus. So I type “merchandising” into Keyword Explorer, add a couple more helpful filters, and boom! Tons of keyword suggestions. Pick a keyword (check your existing content to make sure your team hasn’t already written on the topic yet) and use that as the “north star” query for your content brief.

Work In New Keywords On Existing Landing

I think it’s also helpful to include Turkey Phone Number List some intent information here. In other words, what might the searcher who’s typing this query into Google want? It’s a good idea to search the query in Google yourself to see how Google is interpreting the intent. For example, if my keyword is “types of visual merchandising,” I can see from the SERP that Google assumes an informational intent, based on the fact that the URLs ranking are largely informational articles. 2. Format Dovetailing nicely off of intent is format. In other words, how should we structure the content to give it the best chance of ranking for our target query.

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Pages A Revised Faq Structure To Answer Queries

To use the same keyword example, if I Google types of Phone Number QA visual merchandising  the top-ranking articles contain lists. You might notice that your target query returns results with a lot of images (common with queries including inspiration or examples”). This better helps the writer understand what content format is likely to work best. Topics to cover and related questions to answer Picking the target query helps the writer understand the “big idea” of the piece, but stopping there means you risk writing something that doesn’t comprehensively answer the query intent. That’s why I like to include a.

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