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We push the URL through Index Me Now. If the issue is just that the piece isn’t getting picke up. We will take another look at the content to see. If there is something else we can do to improve it, e.g. Tweak the H1 or expand the content.  Build links to the relevant pages and homepage. Once we’d uploade the content. It was time to build links to the priority pages and homepage in order to build the domain authority. We wante to really hone in on generating links for our company liquidation page. The page has 36 backlinks, many of which were built through link building efforts.

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This was largely done by working with Georgia Phone Number List business site publications and creating natural anchor text that would help with certain keyword rankings. Example of a guest blog title ‘The Advantages of Business Liquidation’ As well as building links specifically to the company liquidation page, we also built links to the main URL in order to boost overall domain authority. This was done through answering queries through platforms such as HARO and Response Source, as well as working with the client to create relevant, time-specific thought leadership pieces. Here’s an example of a HARO request we responde to, the topic being “Recession-proofing tips for small businesses.

Georgia Phone Number List

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Although the site’s domain authority tends to Phone Number MX fluctuate between 30-33 depending on links lost and general algorithm updates, the links to specific pages have still resulte in an increase in rankings, detail further below. Results compare to objectives Although we knew that our strategy was going to work well base on our experience with our other clients, we were very pleasantly surpris by the huge positive effect our work has made, which enable us to smash the targets we set! Leads Goal: Increase from 95 to 200 (110%) Result: Increase from 95 to 460 (384%) As a result of creating incredibly useful, lengthy content and placing regular.

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