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Content Benefits of click u’s click fraud prevention tool Base on artificial intelligence Service is free Partial blocking of bots even before the click Detaile statistics and reports What is important to consider before connecting the module How does the click prevention module work? How the module is configure Benefits of’s click fraud prevention tool Base on artificial intelligence The internal mechanisms of advertising systems are already quite good at filtering fraudulent clicks on contextual advertising. In addition, users are advise to immeiately complain about clicks. Each application is subject to an internal investigation, which, unfortunately, is usually not enough. Click fraud is hard to detect. You nee to constantly monitor click bursts on your own. Advertising systems investigations rarely result in a refund to the advertising account.

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Click service specialists have create a system for searching Peru Phone Number List and blocking clicks, which is base on artificial intelligence. It works on top of the internal protection of the selecte advertising system: it detects suspicious clicks and disables the display of ads for bots completely automatically. Service is free All users can use the tool absolutely free of charge. It is enough to enable it in your personal account to start saving money from the budget. In the future, we will tell you what nees to be done to start protection. Partial blocking of bots even before the click The clickfraud protection module has its own global database of bots, which is constantly update automatically. If the tool already knows about the robot, it will not show ads to it.

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Detaile statistics and reports The tool has a built-in statistics Phone Number QA block: general indicators and individual indicators for each bot. General statistics . In the general statistics section, the following items are presente: “Bot visits from ads” – how much fraud was detecte when clicking on advertisements; “Visits of bots in total” – how many clicks occurre in the entire volume of site traffic; “Save” – how much money was save. To calculate this indicator, the number of robot visits is multiplie by the average CPC. The numbers are taken from the last 30 days. service Campaign cut . Here you can see the details of the information about the bots that the tool has detecte within the campaigns. At your disposal will be IP, date of visit and the exact time of the last activity. In addition to this, the tool will calculate the percentage probability that it was a bot.


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