To Rest Or Go Home To Gain Strength

Leaders are at the top and lead the people under them. By leading by example and doing the hard work first. example: Manager at the end of the working day: will tell the employees to clean the workplace and leave. A leader at the end of the working day. Will tell the employees that the workplace nees to be cleane and will take the broom or mop.  Respect and awe A leader earns respect through honesty – a manager earns respect through fear. Managers are sure that employees respond well to fear and therefore they are sure that the respect they have “earne” is because this is their mentality. Leaders are respecte by employees because they first of all respect them, provide them with trust and care for them. example: Manager: “Whoever doesn’t finish the job today will be fire.” Leader: “Whoever is not good enough to finish, I will sit down and explain how to improve.

At The Employees As Human Beings While

The success of the employee A leader wants the Oman Phone Number List employees to be more successful than them – a manager wants him to be more successful than the employee. Managers want to always remain ‘the boss of’ and that they will be more successful than the employees. Leaders, like parents, want the employees and the team to be more successful than they are and even for those employees to be able to decide for themselves in building their careers. example: Manager: “You do a good job, but I do it this way, in a better way.

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Nurturing And With A Desire To Help

Leader You’re doing a good job, it seems you’re doing it Phone Number QA better than me.” 9. Self-confidence A leader builds the self-confidence of the employees – a manager destroys their self-confidence. Managers leave employees in fear or wondering, therefore managers expect them to hear. What they want to hear and they create situations where there will be no room to say. What they don’t want to hear. Leaders want to build the confidence and trust of employees so that they can say what nees to be said and what they nee to hear. example Manager.

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