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Example, like, “Look at this page. We publishe blog post. It’s 8,000 views. We would like a raise.” Right? We report on this stuff all the time. Everybody does. But what you don’t do is you probably don’t report on how many page views this page has had since it was originally publishe. So I want you to think about that. So you can always capture like the publish date of the page. And then try having a report where you have the page, how many views that page has had since it was publishe. And then take the page views divide by the number of days that page has been around for and then look at the page views per day.

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An I’ve just sketche out an example here. You can Switzerland Phone Number List see page A, 11,200 views, 18 views per day, page B, 9,000 views, 14 views per day, page C, 18,000 views, but only 12 views per day because this is an older post. And so this one might look really great if you just looke at views. But if you look at views per day, actually this one is pretty great. And then that helps you prioritize, well, this page is this quiet performer over the long haul. Maybe we should be looking at it and making sure that conversion rate is better. And you can also establish a benchmark of how many views per day you would expect for a new post over time.

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An then when you publish something, then Phone Number MX you can go back and say, “Is this actually, you know, are we happy with the amount of page views per day that this new page or new post that we’ve publishe is actually getting?” So a couple of different options there. 3. Was the content consume? Picture of whiteboard section for item 3, was the content consume? All right, third thing, was the content consume? So this is a recipe that is available on our website. Also the link, again, will be in the transcript to download it.

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