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Traffic growth Traffic showe such rapid growth in just a month and a half Results An experiment using a utility base on the IndexNow protocol shows that the tool is able to effectively and quickly inform search engines about changes to the site pages. It shows especially impressive results in the case of submitting new pages unknown to the search engine. The results of scanning and indexing no longer nee to be expecte for 2-3 weeks, as was the case before. At the same time, the effect in the form of an increase in traffic and positions in the issue becomes noticeable almost immeiately. This example clearly illustrates the great benefit that can be derive from the additional features that a search engine provides for free. The creation of the Sape Agency IndexNow Tool helpe not only solve the problem with page indexing spee, but also had a noticeable impact on the overall SEO performance.

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If desire you can set up auto-replenishment of the Greece Phone Number List balance. Benefits for individuals . Individuals can run ads without communicating with managers, that is, according to the self-service model. Benefits for legal entities . When running ads through click.ru, companies can recover VAT. They also receive a single package of closing documents. If you wish, you can replenish the balance in click.ru from the accounts of various legal entities – we can prepare a set of closing documents for each of them. Another advantage is that the accounting department does not nee to communicate with Telegram. Single office . If you use other advertising channels, connect campaigns to the click.ru service. You will be able to manage all projects through a single advertising account. Working in one window helps save a lot of time. How to launch Telegram Ads via click.ru It is very easy to start working with Telegram through the click.ru system.

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We register in the click ru system and replenish the account in the amount of 4140 euros 3000 euros + 20% VAT and 15% click.ru commission . 2. Create an account in Telegram Ads. To do Phone Number QA this, click on the Create an account button: account in Telegram Ads 3. Select an advertising system from the list: Choosing an advertising system 4. Enter account information. Specify the following information: user address in Telegram; account name in click.ru; projecte amount of the monthly advertising budget; description of the advertise services or goods; a link to the channel that is planne to be promote; advertising account data: city and country, phone number, full name of the representative, e-mail address. Create an ad account 5. We create an ad using promote.telegram.org, go through moderation and launch advertising.


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