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We were very limit in what we could achieve on. The site as the incumbent were not massively helpful in terms of the access they would give us. We were able to get round this in certain areas, an example being the ‘Get a Quote’ buttons. We had a feeling user metrics matter in this competitive market. So we did our utmost to capitalise on this.  Optimize the Get a Quote” form We add heat mapping and anonymiz visitor recording to the site. When we analyz the data, it became very apparent. That many people weren’t filling out the Get a.

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Quote form due to it being too long  like Nepal Phone Number List standing at the bottom of a mountain, trying to work out the right route to the top! The original form had almost 10 questions, which overwhelm the user and result in low conversion rates. Step one of Fleetcover Quote form Step two of Fleetcover Quote form We’ve had great success using multi-step forms on other client’s sites, so we decid to create one for Fleetcover. We had all the questions ne to provide a full quotation, but split it all up into easier-to-digest tabs and user-design icons, rather than just text. Our new form was built creatively and had four steps, making the process easier.

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With this change alone, leads from the Phone Number QA form grew from 175 before November 2019 to 1,489 over the past 12 months (751% increase). 4. Focus heavily on content creation Example of Flee cover service page (HGV fleet insurance) Service pages Content creation is an area where we really got the chance to demonstrate creative flair alongside data analysis. We start by reviewing Fleetcover’s service pages, and flesh out the content to make it more engaging. Example of Fleetcover service page (FAQs) Keyword research and search intent Over time, we continu to.

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